Exclusive Handmade Signed Football Reprint Review

Hey there, ⁢sports fans! Today,⁢ we are ‍excited to share our‌ thoughts on the‌ Travis Kelce‌ & Patrick ​Mahomes Kansas City​ Super Bowl ‌LVII 57 ⁣Winners Autographed Signed‍ 12×8 A4 Photo Photograph ⁢Picture Frame⁤ American Football Poster Gift⁢ BW. As creators of fine ⁣sporting reprints, we take ⁣pride in ​designing exclusive pieces that capture the essence of the game. This particular framed photo features a digital reprint⁤ of the original autographs of two football ‌legends -​ Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. Handmade in the UK using Polcore mouldings, this frame not‌ only showcases a timeless piece⁤ but also ⁣helps minimize the⁤ carbon footprint. ⁣Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the details of this unique and aesthetically pleasing piece of sports memorabilia.

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When it comes‌ to high-quality ⁢sports​ memorabilia, this​ autographed 12×8⁣ photo frame featuring Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes truly stands out. The image captures ‌a historic moment from Super Bowl LVII 57, making‌ it a‌ perfect addition for any football⁣ enthusiast’s​ collection. The black ​frame adds a‌ classic touch, while the mount size of 12×8⁣ (A4) ensures a⁤ striking display piece for your home or office.

What sets this piece apart is the attention to detail in its design and craftsmanship.‌ Handmade⁣ in the​ UK using Polcore mouldings, this frame not ‌only looks ​elegant but also minimizes its carbon footprint.‍ The pre-printed name ⁣plate ​in high resolution adds a professional touch, enhancing​ the ‌overall aesthetic⁢ appeal. Plus, knowing that this product comes with a 28-day⁣ money back guarantee gives us peace ‍of mind ⁤as buyers. ⁢For sports fans looking to own a piece of history, this autographed photo frame is a must-have. Add it to your ⁤collection ‌today and relive the excitement of the⁢ big game every time you⁤ look at it.

Impressive Autographed Memorabilia Piece

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The autographed memorabilia piece featuring Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes is​ truly a ​standout⁤ item for ​any ‍American football‍ fan. ⁣The​ combination of ⁢black and white imagery ‌with a touch of color⁤ creates a striking and contemporary image that ⁤is sure to impress. The frame, handmade in the UK‌ using eco-friendly Polcore materials, ⁤not ‍only looks aesthetically pleasing but also‌ helps reduce our‍ carbon footprint.

With a high-resolution pre-printed name plate ⁤and⁣ a digital reprint of the ‌original autographs, this piece exudes attention to detail and quality ⁢craftsmanship. The ​12×8⁣ mounted image ​size is perfect for‍ displaying⁤ on a wall or using with the ‍stand, making it a versatile addition ⁣to any sports ⁤memorabilia collection. We are proud to offer⁢ a 28-day money-back guarantee on all ‌our products,‍ ensuring ​customer ⁢satisfaction⁢ and⁢ peace of⁢ mind. If you’re looking to add a touch ⁢of sporting⁤ history to your decor, this autographed photo frame is a must-have. Don’t miss out ⁣- get yours today on Amazon!

Notable Features and Quality

The Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Super Bowl⁢ LVII 57 Winners Autographed Signed 12×8 A4 Photo ‌Photograph‍ Picture Frame American Football Poster is a masterpiece in itself. What⁣ sets this product apart are the notable‍ features and exceptional quality that make it ⁢a must-have for ⁣any sports memorabilia collector.

The ⁣frame is handmade in the ‍UK using‌ Polcore mouldings, which are made from fully ⁤recycled ​materials to⁤ minimize the carbon footprint. Not only is the frame aesthetically ⁤pleasing with ⁢a wood grain ⁢finish, but it is also eco-friendly. ​The mounted image size of 12×8 (A4) ‍in a large Black frame creates a vivid ‍and contemporary ⁣image, perfect ⁢for showcasing ‍the digital‌ reprint of‌ the ⁢original autograph. The attention to detail is​ evident ⁣in‍ the pre-printed name plate, displaying‌ sharper, more⁢ defined ‌letters for an easy-to-read plate ⁢with the look and feel of ​metal. Our‌ commitment to quality is further⁣ exemplified⁤ by our ​28-day money back guarantee and ⁢our efforts to reduce ⁣plastic use in packaging. Make this exquisite ‌piece a part of​ your collection ​today by⁣ clicking on the link below! Get yours now!

In-depth Review and ‍Recommendations

The ​Travis Kelce​ & Patrick Mahomes Kansas‌ City Super Bowl LVII 57 Winners ⁣Autographed Signed⁣ Photo Frame ⁢is a stunning​ piece that any⁣ football‌ fan would love to have in⁤ their collection. The black frame⁢ adds a touch of​ elegance, while the high-quality ​mount and sharp-looking lettering on the name ⁣plate create a​ truly professional finish. The digital reprint ⁤of the original autograph captures the essence ‍of the players’ signatures and adds an authentic ‌touch to the piece.

At Kitbags & Lockers Ltd, we take pride in ⁤offering unique and exclusive designs that are handmade in the UK using environmentally friendly materials. The ⁤Polcore mouldings we use minimize our⁣ carbon footprint, and our commitment ‌to using⁢ recycled materials for packaging​ further demonstrates our dedication ⁣to sustainability. With ‌a 28-day money back guarantee, you ‍can shop with confidence knowing⁣ that we stand behind our products and are always ready to assist ‍with any issues that may arise. Check out ‍this special⁤ piece on Amazon ‌for a limited time!

Customer​ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis

After⁤ reading through the customer reviews for the Travis Kelce & Patrick‍ Mahomes⁤ Kansas City ⁢Super​ Bowl LVII⁣ 57 ⁣Winners Autographed Signed 12×8⁤ A4 Photo Photograph Picture Frame American ​Football ⁤Poster Gift BW, we found a​ mix of positive and​ negative feedback.

Positive Reviews

Review Rating
“Absolutely love ‍my ​signed photo of Kelce and Mahomes!‌ The‍ frame is beautifully made and the signatures ‍are clear. Great addition⁣ to my sports memorabilia collection.” 5 ⁢stars
“Received my order promptly and in perfect condition. The photo⁤ looks even better in ​person and the autographs are authentic. Very happy with ⁣my purchase!” 5 stars

Negative ⁢Reviews

Review Rating
“Disappointed with the quality of the frame. It feels cheap‍ and flimsy, not what I ⁣expected for ⁤the price ⁢I paid. The signatures also ​look ‌smudged.” 2 stars
“The photo frame arrived damaged with scratches on the⁤ glass. ⁣The customer service response was slow and unhelpful. Will not ⁢be purchasing from‌ this seller‌ again.” 1 star

Overall, the‍ majority of customers are satisfied with‍ their purchase of the Travis Kelce & Patrick ‌Mahomes‍ signed photo frame. However,⁣ there are a few concerns ⁢regarding the quality⁣ of the frame and customer service. We recommend doing ⁤thorough research and reading⁢ reviews before making a decision to purchase.

Pros⁢ &​ Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Exclusive Handmade Design
2. Mounted and framed by craftsmen for a timeless piece
3. Black ‍frame made from⁢ Polcore for minimal carbon footprint
4. 12×8 (A4) mounted image size for a bold display
5.‌ Pre-printed ⁣name plate in high resolution for sharp, defined letters


1. Digital​ reprint of original autograph, not original signed ‍piece
2. Name plate not made from metal
3. Large frame may not fit in all spaces

Overall, the⁤ Travis ​Kelce & ‍Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Super Bowl LVII 57 Winners Autographed Signed 12×8​ A4⁤ Photo Photograph Picture ​Frame American Football Poster‍ Gift BW is a beautifully designed and ⁢environmentally⁢ friendly piece. The handmade frame and mount add a touch​ of elegance to any room, while the digital reprint of the autographs is a great addition to⁤ any football fan’s ‍collection. Just be aware ⁢that this ⁢is ​not the original signed piece and the name plate is not made from metal.


Q: Is the autograph on this Travis ⁤Kelce & Patrick Mahomes⁤ photo authentic?
A: The⁣ autograph on​ our photo reprint is a digital reprint of‍ the original autograph, not a hand-signed original.

Q:​ Is the frame⁣ made of wood or plastic?
A: Our frames ⁢are handmade in ⁢the UK using Polcore mouldings. Polcore is made from ‍fully recycled materials to minimize​ the carbon ‌footprint. Despite being more costly than⁢ wood, we choose to⁢ use Polcore to protect the environment.

Q: Can the ⁣photo be⁤ wall​ hung ⁢or used⁢ with a stand?
A: Yes, our framed photo can be wall hung or used with the stand provided. It’s versatile⁣ for various display options.

Q:⁣ Are the⁢ name plates on the photo made of metal?
A: The name​ plates are pre-printed ‍in high resolution​ and not made from metal. This ensures⁤ sharper, more defined letters for an easy-to-read plate ⁤with the same look and ‌feel ‌as a metal one.

Q: ‌What is the size of the frame and mounted image?
A: The frame size is 330mm ‍x 242mm x 15mm deep. The mounted image size is 12×8 (A4).

Q: Can I ⁢return the product if I am⁢ not satisfied?
A:‍ We offer a 28-day money-back guarantee on all our ‌products. ​If you are‍ unhappy in ​any way, please contact us ​before leaving a review ‍and we will do our best to assist you.

Ignite Your Passion

As we​ wrap up our review of the Exclusive Handmade ⁢Signed Football Reprint featuring Travis Kelce & Patrick⁤ Mahomes,‌ we ‍hope​ you’ve ‍enjoyed⁣ learning more about our​ meticulously crafted product. ​At Kitbags & ‍Lockers‌ Ltd, ⁣we take pride in creating‌ unique ‍and timeless pieces that capture the essence of the sporting world.

If ⁤you’re looking to​ add ⁣a touch of football greatness to your collection or gift a special piece to ⁣a fellow fan, this autographed⁢ photo‌ frame is the perfect choice. ⁣With our‌ commitment to ​quality and ​sustainability, you can trust that you’re receiving a top-notch product that is ​both visually stunning and eco-friendly.

Don’t miss out on owning a piece of⁣ football history – click here ⁤to purchase your very own Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Super Bowl‌ LVII Winners Autographed Signed Photo Frame ​today!

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