We recently had the ⁢opportunity to try out the CEC Industries⁤ #939 Bulbs, and we were quite ​impressed! These miniature⁢ lamps pack‌ a punch with their⁤ 5.4 Watts and 6 volts, ⁣making ⁣them perfect for ⁣emergency lighting applications. The T-5 size and shape, along with ⁤the W2.1×9.5d base, offer a versatile​ option for various lighting needs. Sold in a convenient pack of 10, these bulbs are not only ⁤practical ‌but also provide a warm white light that adds a cozy ambiance to any space. Stay tuned ‌as we dive deeper into our experience with these ⁣CEC Industries ⁤bulbs in our review.

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Our recent purchase of the ‌CEC⁣ Industries #939 Bulbs ​has exceeded our expectations. These miniature lamps are 5.4 Watts and 6 volts, making ⁤them perfect for emergency lighting applications. The T-5 shape and wedge base provide a ‍unique design ‍that fits well in various fixtures. The warm white light‌ emitted by these bulbs‍ creates⁢ a ‍cozy atmosphere, making them​ ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

We were pleased to find that⁤ the CEC ‌Industries #939 Bulbs come in a pack of 10, offering great value for the price. The easy installation process and long-lasting durability of these bulbs make ‌them a practical choice for any ⁢lighting need. Overall, we⁣ highly recommend these bulbs to anyone in search of reliable‍ and ⁣efficient lighting solutions.

Brand CEC‍ Industries
Wattage 5.4 Watts
Voltage 6 Volts

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Design and Functionality

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Design and⁤ Functionality

Upon receiving the CEC Industries #939 Bulbs, we were impressed with the sleek and compact design of the T-5 shape. The bulbs fit⁣ perfectly into our emergency lighting fixtures,⁣ providing a snug and secure fit. The W2.1×9.5d‍ base was easy ⁣to install, making the process hassle-free.

We tested the bulbs and were pleased ‍with the warm white light they emitted, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The 5.4 Watts and 6 volts power of these bulbs​ exceeded our expectations, providing bright and efficient lighting. Overall, the of these‍ bulbs ⁤make them a top choice for anyone ​in need of reliable lighting solutions.

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Performance and Durability

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When it comes to , we have been thoroughly ⁣impressed with the CEC Industries #939 Bulbs. With 5.4 Watts of power and 6 volts, these bulbs are ‌sure to provide reliable and‌ efficient lighting for a variety ⁤of applications. ⁢The T-5 ⁤shape⁣ and W2.1×9.5d base make ⁣them easy to install, while their durability ensures that they ‌will last for a long time without needing ​to be replaced frequently.

The warm white ​light emitted by these bulbs is both⁢ comforting and practical, making them perfect for emergency lighting situations. ⁢We have found that these bulbs consistently deliver a⁢ high level of performance, making ‌them an excellent choice for anyone in need​ of⁢ reliable lighting solutions. With a⁣ pack of 10 bulbs included, you’ll have plenty on hand for any future needs. Don’t⁢ miss out on experiencing the impressive of these bulbs – check them out on Amazon today! Check them out here.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

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After thoroughly testing‍ the CEC Industries #939 Bulbs, we can confidently say that these bulbs are a reliable choice⁢ for anyone ⁤in need of miniature lamps. With 5.4‌ Watts of power and a warm white light output, these bulbs provide ample brightness​ for various emergency lighting applications. The ⁣T-5 size and shape with a Wedge base make ‍installation a​ breeze, ensuring a seamless replacement process.

In conclusion, CEC Industries ⁣#939 Bulbs offer⁣ great ⁤value for money with their pack of 10 bulbs. Whether you’re looking to restock ⁣your emergency⁤ lighting supplies or simply need ⁢to replace a few⁢ bulbs around the house, these bulbs are a dependable option.‍ With their easy installation⁢ and warm white light, we highly recommend giving‍ these bulbs‌ a try.

Brand CEC Industries
Wattage 5.4 Watts
Voltage 6 Volts

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer⁣ reviews ‌for CEC Industries #939 Bulbs, we have gathered some valuable ‍insights.

Review Analysis
Works fine‌ for price point. The product is cost-effective ⁢and performs well.
Perfect fit Customers found that the bulbs fit ⁣perfectly in their application.
I needed to replace bulbs​ in emergency⁣ lights in exit signs.⁢ Some places wanted as much ⁢for 2 batteries as I paid for ​box ‌of 10. Customers appreciated the affordability of the bulbs compared to other options.
Used ⁤as a warning light. One customer used the bulbs as a warning⁢ light and​ found them effective.
Worked​ as intended The bulbs‌ functioned as expected for‍ customers.
Price is right, delivered quickly and worked perfectly. Customers were satisfied with the price, delivery speed, and performance of the bulbs.
Great for exit signs. These bulbs were praised⁢ for their suitability for use in exit ‌signs.
Match the​ light ​exactly Customers found that the bulbs matched their existing ‍lights ‌accurately.
Parfaitement comme description This review indicates satisfaction with the ⁣product matching ‍its description.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Comes in a pack of 10, convenient for bulk purchases
  • 5.4 Watts provide a‌ bright light output
  • 6 volts ensure compatibility with⁤ various devices
  • Warm white light⁢ is pleasant‍ and‍ not harsh on the eyes


  • May not be ‌suitable ‌for all types‌ of lighting ⁢fixtures due to T-5 shape
  • Wedge base may not be compatible with certain devices
  • Non-dimmable,⁣ limiting options for adjusting brightness
  • Packaging could be more secure for shipping purposes

Pros Cons
Comes in​ pack of 10 May not be suitable for all fixtures
5.4 Watts for bright light Wedge base may⁣ not ⁣be compatible
6 volts for versatility Non-dimmable
Warm⁣ white light Insecure packaging


Q: Can⁣ these bulbs be⁢ used in a car dashboard?

A: Yes, these CEC ‌Industries #939⁢ bulbs can be used in a car dashboard as they ⁤are 6 volts and‌ have ⁢a T-5 shape with a W2.1×9.5d base.

Q: Are these ​bulbs energy‌ efficient?

A: These bulbs are 5.4 watts, ⁣which is relatively low in terms of energy consumption. However, they are⁢ not considered to be ‍high efficiency LED ​bulbs.

Q: How ⁢long do these ‍bulbs typically‌ last?

A: ‍The lifespan of these bulbs⁢ can vary depending on usage, but on​ average they can last⁣ around 1,000 hours.

Q: Can these ⁤bulbs be used in outdoor ⁤lighting fixtures?

A: These bulbs are ⁢typically used in emergency⁢ lighting applications, so ⁢they may⁣ not be suitable⁣ for outdoor use unless specified by the manufacturer.

Q: Are these bulbs easy to⁣ install?

A: The T-5 ⁤shape and Wedge base⁤ of these bulbs make them⁤ relatively easy to install in compatible ⁣fixtures. Just make sure to match the ⁤number 939 with your ⁣current lamp to ensure⁢ compatibility.

Achieve⁣ New Heights

In conclusion, our review of ‍the CEC Industries #939 Bulbs has provided a balanced perspective⁤ on this product. While​ they may not be the most groundbreaking bulbs on‌ the market, they certainly get the job done for various​ applications, especially⁣ in Emergency‍ Lighting. The warm‌ white light they emit is a nice ⁤touch, ⁢and the pack of 10 ensures‌ you’ll have plenty ⁤on hand​ for any​ replacements needed.

If you’re in need of reliable miniature lamps that are easy on the wallet, ‍these CEC Industries⁢ #939 Bulbs might just be the right fit for you. Click here to get your hands ⁣on a box ​of 10 now!

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