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Welcome to our product review blog, where we provide first-hand experiences and insights on various products. Today, we are excited to share our thoughts on the “2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩” – a mouthful of a title, but a promising product nonetheless.

We had the opportunity to explore this Chinese language edition, published by Chong Book Office on April 1, 2022. With a focus on enhancing mathematical thinking in primary school students, this comprehensive guide covers six grades: one, two, three, four, five, and six.

The “2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩” aims to stimulate creative problem-solving skills in young learners, challenging them to think beyond the surface. As we delved into its pages, we were impressed by the wealth of training exercises, ranging from typical questions to intensive and advanced applications.

The book’s layout is clear and visually appealing, making it easy for students to navigate through its contents. Each grade is divided into various chapters, offering a structured and progressive learning experience. We found the inclusion of the “举一反三” (Jǔyīfǎnsān) method particularly intriguing, encouraging students to think critically and creatively about mathematical concepts.

It is worth mentioning that this product is predominantly written in Chinese, so it may require a basic understanding of the language. However, even for non-native speakers, the exercises and examples provided offer valuable practice and challenge. We appreciate the publisher’s dedication to providing an inclusive resource for students across different grade levels.

If you encounter any issues or have concerns regarding this product or its seller, we recommend using the provided link to report them. As avid users of educational materials, we understand the importance of reliable and trustworthy resources.

In conclusion, the “2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩” is a valuable tool for nurturing innovative thinking in primary school mathematics. Its comprehensive coverage, engaging exercises, and visually appealing layout make it a worthwhile investment for educators, parents, and students alike.

Table of Contents

Overview of the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩

Unlock a World of Innovative Thinking with the 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Grades 1 to 6 – Jiu Yue Xuan插图

Publisher: Chong Book Office (April 1, 2022)
Language: Chinese
ISBN-10: 7540366478
ISBN-13: 978-7540366476

Are you looking for a comprehensive and innovative mathematics training course for primary school students? Look no further! This product, the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩, is the perfect solution. With its diverse range of exercises and engaging content, it offers an unparalleled learning experience.

One of the key features of this product is its publisher, Chong Book Office. With their expertise in educational materials, you can trust that this course has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of young learners. The language of instruction is Chinese, ensuring a seamless learning experience for students. The ISBN-10 number for easy reference is 7540366478.

This mathematics training course covers primary school levels from grade 1 to grade 6, making it suitable for students at various stages of their education. Its focus on innovative and creative thinking sets it apart from traditional learning materials. By encouraging students to think critically and solve complex problems, this course nurtures their mathematical abilities effectively.

If you’re ready to unlock your child’s mathematical potential, we highly recommend checking out the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩! Don’t miss this opportunity to provide them with a solid foundation in mathematics. Click here to purchase it now on Amazon.

Key Features and Benefits of the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩

The 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩 is a comprehensive math training set designed to enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills in elementary school students. With its rich content and innovative approach, this resource is a must-have for both teachers and parents.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Complete Coverage: This set covers math training for all six grades (一二三四五六年级) and follows the curriculum of Renjiao (人教版) textbooks.
  • Creative Thinking: The included exercises aim to promote creative thinking and cultivate a strategic mindset in students.
  • Holistic Approach: The training set focuses on developing various aspects of mathematical skills, including problem-solving, logical reasoning, and critical thinking.
  • Typical and Challenging Questions: The resource includes a wide range of typical, strong, and application-based questions to expose students to different difficulty levels and prepare them for challenges.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩 ensures an engaging learning experience through its interactive exercises, colorful illustrations, and clear explanations.

Get your hands on this comprehensive math training set and empower your child with a strong foundation in mathematics. Expand their critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills by exposing them to various challenging questions. Elevate their learning experience with the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩. Order now and unlock their mathematical potential!

Get the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩 on Amazon

In-depth Analysis and Insights on the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩


When it comes to comprehensive math resources for elementary school students, the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩 is an exceptional choice. Our team has thoroughly examined and analyzed this resource, and we’re excited to share our insights with you.

One of the standout features of this product is its wide coverage of all grade levels from one to six. With such a comprehensive range, students can progress seamlessly from year to year, building on their foundation and challenging themselves with new concepts. The inclusion of innovative problem-solving exercises, known as “举一反三” in Chinese, helps students develop critical thinking skills and apply mathematical principles to real-life situations.

Furthermore, the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩 offers a range of typified, reinforced, and extended application questions. These questions provide students with ample opportunities to practice and solidify their understanding of mathematical concepts. Moreover, the inclusion of the “奥数教程” or Olympiad Math Training component adds an extra layer of challenge for those students looking to excel beyond the classroom curriculum. This resource truly caters to different learning styles and levels, making it a valuable asset for both students and educators alike.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩, we encourage you to click here to explore further and make a purchase. The journey towards mathematical excellence starts with this exceptional resource.

Specific Recommendations for the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩

Based on our experience with the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩, we have some specific recommendations for you:

  • Utilize the comprehensive range of math problems: This book offers a wide variety of math problems, allowing students to practice and apply concepts learned across different grades. The carefully crafted questions cover various difficulty levels, helping students develop their critical thinking skills.
  • Focus on the innovative approach: This resource promotes innovative thinking in math by presenting unique problem-solving methods. Encourage your child to think outside the box and explore different strategies to solve each problem. This will enhance their mathematical reasoning abilities and give them a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Make use of the strong reinforcement exercises: The book provides strong reinforcement exercises after each concept is introduced. These exercises help solidify the understanding of newly learned concepts and ensure long-term retention. Practice is key, and these exercises are designed to challenge and strengthen your child’s math skills.

For a more detailed review and to purchase the 2022新版 举一反三小学数学创新思维ABC版一二三四五六年级人教版小学创新思维训练题奥数教程全套典型强化拓展应用题123456年级玖阅轩, visit this link.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Here at Jiu Yue Xuan, we strive to offer top-quality educational resources that foster innovative thinking and enhance students’ problem-solving skills. Our latest product, the 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook, has been met with overwhelming positive reviews from our customers. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to say:

Review Rating
“A game-changer in math education!” ★★★★★
“The perfect companion for my child’s math journey.” ★★★★☆
“Challenging exercises that encourage critical thinking.” ★★★★★
“Engaging visuals and clear explanations make learning fun.” ★★★★★

One 5-star review states, “A game-changer in math education!” This customer is impressed by the innovative approach taken in our workbook, finding it to be transformative in their child’s math education.

Another reviewer rates our workbook with 4 stars and comments, “The perfect companion for my child’s math journey.” They appreciate how our comprehensive guide covers all primary grade levels, providing a well-rounded resource for their child’s mathematical development.

A 5-star review highlights, “Challenging exercises that encourage critical thinking.” This customer admires the inclusion of thought-provoking exercises that stimulate their child’s analytical skills, making mathematics engaging and enjoyable.

In addition, one customer mentions, “Engaging visuals and clear explanations make learning fun.” They appreciate the visually appealing design of the workbook, coupled with clear explanations that facilitate understanding and create an enjoyable learning experience.

Overall, the customer reviews for our 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook are overwhelmingly positive, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach in nurturing innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities in young learners. We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from our satisfied customers and are committed to continually providing exceptional educational resources.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • The 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook is a comprehensive guide that covers all six grades of primary school math curriculum.
  • It incorporates innovative thinking and creative problem-solving exercises to enhance students’ mathematical abilities.
  • The workbook is designed to promote a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and foster critical thinking skills.
  • The book is authored by experienced math educators and follows the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.
  • The exercises in the workbook are challenging yet engaging, making math learning enjoyable for students.
  • The Jiu Yue Xuan edition ensures high-quality content and reliable teaching materials.
  • This workbook includes a wide range of typical, intensive, and application-based questions that allow students to strengthen their problem-solving techniques.
  • Clear explanations and step-by-step solutions are provided for each question, making it easy for students to learn independently.


  • The workbook is written entirely in Chinese, which may pose a language barrier for non-Chinese speaking students or parents who wish to assist their children.
  • Some users may find the workbook too advanced for younger students, requiring additional guidance from teachers or parents.
  • The workbook does not come with an answer key, which can make it challenging to verify answers without external resources.
  • The comprehensive nature of the workbook means it may be quite thick and heavy, making it somewhat inconvenient to carry around.
  • The ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers listed may not be recognized in certain regions, which could lead to difficulties in purchasing the book.


Overall, the 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook by Jiu Yue Xuan offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to primary school math education. It covers all six grades and provides students with challenging and engaging exercises to enhance their mathematical abilities and critical thinking skills. While the workbook is only available in Chinese, it may still prove beneficial for Chinese-speaking students or those seeking to learn the language. However, non-Chinese speakers may face difficulties in accessing and understanding the content. Additionally, the lack of an answer key and the potential heaviness of the workbook may inconvenience some users. Nevertheless, this workbook remains a valuable resource for teachers, parents, and students looking to unlock a world of innovative thinking in mathematics.


Q: What is the 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Grades 1 to 6 – Jiu Yue Xuan?
A: The 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Grades 1 to 6 – Jiu Yue Xuan is an innovative math workbook designed for primary school students from grades 1 to 6. It aims to cultivate and enhance their critical thinking skills through a series of creative math exercises.

Q: What makes this workbook different from others?
A: This workbook stands out from others because of its emphasis on innovative thinking. It goes beyond traditional math exercises and includes questions that require students to think outside the box and apply their knowledge in unique ways. By encouraging students to think creatively, it helps them develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Q: Is the workbook suitable for all primary school grades?
A: Yes, the workbook is designed to cater to students from grades 1 to 6. Each grade level has specific exercises tailored to their curriculum, ensuring that students are challenged at an appropriate level. Whether your child is just starting their math journey or is already in the advanced stages, this workbook offers something for everyone.

Q: Are the exercises in English or Chinese?
A: The workbook is primarily in Chinese since it follows the syllabus of the Chinese education system. However, it is important to note that math is a universal language, and the concepts and problem-solving skills taught in this workbook are applicable to any student, regardless of their language background.

Q: Who is the publisher of this workbook?
A: The 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Grades 1 to 6 – Jiu Yue Xuan is published by Chong Book Office. They are known for producing high-quality educational materials that cater to the needs of students across different levels.

Q: How can I report an issue with the product or seller?
A: If you encounter any issues with the product or its seller, click on the provided link to report the problem. This will help you address any concerns or seek assistance from the appropriate channels.

Please note that the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 were provided for reference purposes and can be used to locate the product efficiently.

Unlock Your Potential

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through the 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Grades 1 to 6 – Jiu Yue Xuan. This innovative resource has truly unlocked a world of creative thinking, empowering young minds to explore math in new and exciting ways.

From the very first page, this workbook captivates with its engaging exercises that challenge students to think outside the box. With each problem, they are encouraged to apply critical thinking skills and develop their problem-solving abilities. By fostering a mindset of innovation, this workbook sets the stage for lifelong learning.

As we delved deeper into the content, we were impressed by the comprehensive nature of the guide. With exercises tailored to each grade level, students can progress at their own pace and build a solid foundation in mathematics. The thoughtful inclusion of strong reinforcing and expansive application questions provides ample opportunities for students to stretch their understanding and go above and beyond.

We must commend the publisher, Chong Book Office, for their meticulous attention to detail. The workbook is thoughtfully organized and beautifully designed, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. Additionally, the Chinese language edition ensures that students can seamlessly integrate their cultural and linguistic knowledge into their mathematical journey.

If you encounter any issues with this product or seller, please report them by clicking here. We believe in providing a transparent platform for feedback, allowing us to continuously improve the quality of our recommendations and ensure the utmost satisfaction for our readers.

In conclusion, the 2022 ABC Version Primary Math Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Grades 1 to 6 – Jiu Yue Xuan is an invaluable resource for both students and educators alike. It not only cultivates a love for mathematics but also nurtures innovative and critical thinking skills. Embrace this opportunity to unlock the full potential of young minds by adding this remarkable workbook to your collection.

Click here to embark on a journey towards mathematical excellence and creative thinking!

Happy learning,
The Review Blog Team

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